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Who We Are

Established within DIGITEST, which started its activities in 2002, Gorax aims to be a leading brand in 8x8 XTV production by combining its experiences from the defense industry background with dynamic and innovative designs. With its 100% amphibious, ergonomic and well-equipped vehicles that can adapt to harsh terrain conditions, Gorax serves a wide audience, from those interested in outdoor sports to institutions and organizations working in rural or harsh terrain conditions.
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Gorax, with its expert design and production team, serves a wide audience from accommodation companies to adventure seekers. Our vehicles, which are compatible with all conditions and all conditions, can be used safely in search and rescue, mining, hunting, extreme sports and farming activities. State-of-the-art, durable and strong materials have been used at every stage of our production activities. Our vehicles are 100% amphibious. It provides high-level protection with the ROPS system in accident situations such as rolling and tipping.


DIGITEST, which started its activities in 2002, carries out its design and production activities in Ankara Ostim Organized Industrial Zone in a total area of 8000 m2, 6000 m2 of which is closed, with National Secret, NATO Secret Facility Security Certificates, within the scope of AS 9100 Defense and Aviation Quality Certificate standard.
DIGITEST, which stands out with its electronic board design, wiring (harness) design, embedded system software, test systems and production capabilities, meets the needs of many institutions and organizations in the sector by producing electromechanical systems/sub-systems developed with its strong mechanical design and fast/precise mechanical part production capabilities.
It offers solutions for the sector's needs with fire control, command control, imaging, electro optics, slip ring, joystick, periscope, hydraulic console, power units, pantilt and remote-controlled weapon systems developed locally and nationally.
DIGITEST, which produces obsolete systems/subsystems locally and nationally at international military standards, whose production has been discontinued by its main manufacturers, has completed a total of 7 projects supported by TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB, 19 utility model-industrial design certificates, 3 patents and 5 trademark registrations. are available.

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